How to prepare the perfect launch for a Serious Business Game training in your company

The way you present and launch a game-based learning program to your staff will be vital for its success, especially if it is in a format that is new to the company. A good launch event (that explains why it is important to take the course and aligning it with the interests of your organization) will help you achieve the best possible results.

These 7 tips will help get you off to a good start launching your video game training:

1. Focus on learning

It is important to explain to your employees that the main goal of the training, as always, is to learn. Stress the educational value of the training and its usefulness for their personal and professional life.

2. Explain how the  Business Games works

Explain how to access the business game, what they are going to learn, how they will be assessed and how long it will take to complete the game. Providing an explanation in advance will help them to understand how it works and increase course participation and completion rates.

3. Launch a communications campaign

Created communications campaigns inside the company (whether by email, posters hung in the office, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.) created a buzz and got employees ‘into’ the video game even before it began.

4. Use groups

One of the “easiest” ways to increase interest in serious games is to create groups. Divide your employees into groups (by department, country, interests, professional profiles, etc.) and make them compete against one another in the game.

5. Be flexible, but set a time limit

One of the advantages of game-based learning is that employees can do the training when and where they like. However, don’t be too relaxed: set a time limit to encourage them to register for the game and finish it as quickly as possible. If not, it’s quite possible that some employees will never find the time to complete the training.

6. Reward the effort

It is important that employees know that their efforts are going to be rewarded. Depending on the type of video game and number of employees, you might consider giving a prize to the winner.

7. Be clear on your goals and start measuring

Before launching the serious business game, you have to be clear about what you want your employees to learn and how you are going to measure the results after the training.  Identify the metrics you want to analyze and have the figures ready before you launch the game-based learning program.