Why Gamification is so important for Digital Transformation

The goal of Gamification and Serious Business Games is to create a motivating Business Learning System where learning is not just a task, but intrinsically motivating.

Gamification uses game mechanics to engage users in our training efforts. Some of the gamification techniques used are: competition, stories, achievement, levels, status and rewards.

Smart Learning with Serious Business Games

Gamification and Serious Business Games provide a unique learning experience for attendees and completely new ways to assist your audit department on its path to Successful Digital Transformation.

The participant receives individual feedback on his procedures by a unique Mentor directly during the simulation. With this multidimensional programming the participant achieves effective improvement during each simulation scene. This allows you and your employees to achieve a steep learning curve and the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice. In practice, the feedback loop is often stretched until the next jour fix, employee or annual bonus discussion.

In Serious Business Games the learning curve is steeper and more direct. For example, as a participant, you motivate your employees in their daily work or, alternatively, they overwhelm the employees in their capacity. In the Business Game you receive direct feedback on the following day that, depending on the employee profile, the efficiency of the individual employees increases or the employees can only be used to a limited capacity.

  • Direct application possibilities in the audit team:

    • Train with the existing Serious Business Games at a disruptive training price.
    • Develop with us an individual audit business game for your team and accelerate the way to productivity for all newcomers to your audit.
    • Experience a fascinating audit employee event at a live audit game convention.
  • Effective Learning – Serious Business Games:

    • Inspire your employees with innovative audit learning opportunities.
    • Learn Time and Location independently.
    • Take advantage of the possibility of audit training worldwide on different devices.
    • Determine your own learning speed, usable on all end-user media, only Internet access necessary.
    • Learn in up to 11 different languages.

Useful content:

Skills with a direct impact: leadership, negotiation, time management, personal productivity and customer service.

Skills turned into a set of tools, strategies and techniques which are directly applicable.


Storytelling, badges and levels to generate engagement.

Rankings and challenges to increase motivation in the participant.

Game-based learning:

Sophisticated simulators representing real situations.

Safe environment for the employee to practice and receive feedback for improvement.