Audit Research Center partners with GRICAA, Dubai

GRICAA, a new age digital platform offering management consulting solutions including its various platforms of CXOEngage and KnowledgeQube is proud to announce its partnership with the leading thinktank, Audit Research Center Institute of Germany in the field of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit.  In a world of digital transformation processes, GRICAA will offer all the smart learning solutions developed by ARC to Corporates and the Small & Medium Businesses. ARC has utilized the gaming technology to deliver high end training and highly curated training content needed for the governance, risk, compliance and audit professionals. Using gamification technologies helps to increase employee motivation, make our training fun, engage professionals in the training module and improve completion rates while helping them achieve their learning objectives. Some of the gamification techniques used in the modules are: competition, stories, achievement, levels, status and rewards.

Our sophisticated simulators representing real situations provide for a safe environment for the employee to practice and receive feedback for improvement. It assists companies to inspire their employees by offering innovative audit learning opportunities, allowing employees to learn at their own time and location while taking advantage of the possibility of audit training worldwide on different devices and in 11 different languages.

  • Direct application possibilities in the audit team:

    • Train with the existing Serious Business Games at a disruptive training price.
    • Develop with us an individual audit business game for your team and accelerate the way to productivity for all newcomers to your audit.
    • Experience a fascinating audit employee event at a live audit game convention.
  • Effective Learning – Serious Business Games:

    • Inspire your employees with innovative audit learning opportunities.
    • Learn Time and Location independently.
    • Take advantage of the possibility of audit training worldwide on different devices.
    • Determine your own learning speed, usable on all end-user media, only Internet access necessary.
    • Learn in up to 11 different languages.