Swiss Audit Championship 2019 (English)

IIA Switzerland and the Audit Research Center successfully held the Swiss Audit Championship together. As a unique experience, the auditors learned about the innovative learning opportunities with the help of an individually created serious business games.

Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Workplace

The Internet of Things (IoT) enriches everyday devices with data. With the help of artificial intelligence, this data can be used for analysis and business insights to make the workplace even more efficient and productive. The amount of data in companies is expected to grow tens of thousands-fold next year. Therefore, it is necessary to help organizations capture data and gain critical insight to generate competitive advantage.

Audit Research Center partners with GRICAA, Dubai

GRICAA, a new age digital platform offering management consulting solutions including its various platforms of CXOEngage and KnowledgeQube is proud to announce its partnership with the leading thinktank, Audit Research Center Institute of Germany in the field of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit.

Why Gamification is so important for Digital Transformation

The goal of Gamification and Serious Business Games is to create a motivating Business Learning System where learning is not just a task, but intrinsically motivating.

Gamification uses game mechanics to engage users in our training efforts. Some of the gamification techniques used are: competition, stories, achievement, levels, status and rewards.

19th Annual Regional Audit Conference UAE IAA

Are you ready for The Audit Challenge?

Gamification | Smart Learning in a World of Digital Transformation – Live Game Convention unique experience
By Dr. Dominik Foerschler – Managing Director | Senior Equity Partner, ARC Institute

The Audit Research Center hosted a Live Audit Business Game Convention on Thursday, April 18, 2019 with the General Session auditors. As a unique experience, the auditors learned the innovative learning opportunities of the Serious Business Games live at the conference.

ARC Team in Abu Dhabi | Live Audit Business Game Convention | IIA Middle East Conference 2019

Das Audit Research Center Team reist für das UAE IAA zur IIA Middle East Conference 2019 mit über 400 Revisoren in Abu Dhabi.

Wann? 16. – 18. April 2019
Wo? Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Digital Journey

Rolf Spjelkavik, SANDVIK AB, Vice President & Head of Group Internal Audit, Sweden speaks with MARTIN WIEDEMANN, EY, Partner about Internal Audit of the future.