Artificial Intelligence is changing the workplace

The Internet of Things (IoT) enriches everyday devices with data. With the help of artificial intelligence, this data can be used for analysis and business insights to make the workplace even more efficient and productive. The amount of data in companies is expected to grow tens of thousands-fold next year. Therefore, it is necessary to help organizations capture data and gain critical insight to generate competitive advantage.

  • Data Application

    Artificial intelligence not only changes the competitive landscape, but also customer expectations. This results in a cultural change even in top companies. In the long run, this kind of digital transformation improves the way we work. Executives are driving this cultural change forward. Information is viewed, evaluated and monetized. Data-driven and fast decisions become possible.

  • Analytics Drive Innovation

    Real-Time Insights – Streaming analysis and edge analysis enable you to meet customer expectations and increase response time.

    AI Enhances Predictive Power – By using artificial intelligence, more workstations can focus on managing and executing strategic initiatives, while analytics tools automate and scale data to enable improved decision making.

  • Intelligent Machines and Pattern Recognition

    Start small with automation – AI skills can range from the implementation of image recognition to the analysis of consumer behavior in fraud.

    Analytics closes the gaps – Predictive diagnostics is changing the way we find answers by allowing advanced modeling features to emerge. This provides the employees with relevant data and they benefit from reduced search time and less work.

  • Analytics help companies get competitive advantage

    Data Democratization – There is no unified approach to data analysis, but leading analytics companies such as SAS ensure that they are part of their offer by simplifying cross-departmental access to multiple data sources across a corporate platform.

    Improving communities through data – In the nonprofit world, big data can change a lot. This means for example using tools like data visualization.

Machine Learning und Risikomanagement

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