Digital driven Internal Audit

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Luis San Román as Head of Digital & IT, processes. BBVA Internal Audit talks about machine learning.
No doubt. We have entered in the age of data. The proportion of digital customers has increased exponentially in recent years. In Spain, digital transactions have reached 42%.
A new category of technology is rising: AI or machine learning are transforming many industries.

This momentum is generating huge expectations as well as a lot of hype in all the disciplines of a financial institution, including internal audit.

Becoming a data-driven internal audit department is very difficult. It requires

  • a very ambitious plan that puts in play valuable resources,
  • an innovation scheme,
  • and most important of all, a lot of talent.

From supervised machine learning to deep learning is the project journey, that Luis San Roman describes. Building up a new culture in the internal audit teams is key. Therefore each audit department would need a clear auditor’s transformation roadmap. BBVA needed two years to transform his teams. Beside of several data scientist in a data analytic team, the whole team must be enabled so that the usual business auditor understands the interfaces to his operational audit procedures.

With our research partner SAP the ARC Institute delivers you with direct audit approaches at 13./14./15. February 2019 at “Workplace of the Future in Internal Audit” at SAP Headquarter, Walldorf.

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