Triskelion Trailer 2018 (new)

Triskelion is an online course based on a simulator that recreates real situations so that we may learn how to develop our own personal productivity and time management systems.
Triskelion was developed based on the Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity method created by David Allen. It also utilizes the productivity tool developed by Stephen Covey known as “The Four Quadrants” and the strategies conceived by Brian Tracy in his book “Goals!”, and audit management.
Triskelion is available in english, german, spanish, french.

MARS – Neues Serious Business Game LIVE

Am 16. Oktober 2018 startet das neue Serious Business Game LIVE. Das neue Serious Business Game ist ein großer Entwicklungsschritt. Hierbei wird das ARC Institute zukünftig ein eigenes Ökosystem im Rahmen der Gamification für Internal Audit aufbauen.

Five mistakes that you should avoid in your personnel training programs

Often, however, due to lack of time, lack of resources or poor execution, personnel training programs fail. On this post we tell you the 5 most frequent mistakes observed, so you can identify and especially avoid them:

CASE STUDY Abu Dhabi Airports

Abu Dhabi Airport decides to commit to the Serious Business Games as the ideal learning tool to address the identified needs. To that purpose, it implements the Gamelearn ARC learning platform focused on the development of ‘audit soft skills’.

Download Flyer (spanisch/espagnol)

Jetzt auch spanischer Flyer Serious Business Games downloadbar.

Q & A Donald H Taylor: All you need to know about the new trends in training and development

Donald H Taylor is one of the most respected and experienced figures in the world of training and development. With more than 25 years of experience, he has devoted his career to helping employees acquire the skills they need, especially with the effective use of technology.

How to prepare the perfect launch for a Serious Business Game training in your company

The way you present and launch a game-based learning program to your staff will be vital for its success, especially if it is in a format that is new to the company. A good launch event (that explains why it is important to take the course and aligning it with the interests of your organization) will help you achieve the best possible results.