Serious Business Games


Serious Game for Audit Negotiation, Moderation, Conflict Resolution

Discover how to improve your skills as an audit negotiator and learn to resolve conflicts by facing several cases of “real” negotiations.


Serious game for auditing customer-focused processes

Manage 27 real life simulations for the development of competences in a customer-centric organization and build your own corporation in a 100% customizable serious game.

ADA – Artificial Intelligence

Variable Audit Content Game

ADA is an Audit Business Game on multidimensional storyline base, that makes any onboarding process an attractive, fun and engaging experience. Currently developed internal audit trainings are…


Serious Game on Audit Leadership and Audit Engagement Management

An adventure of survival on a desert island to show your skills as an effective audit leader and return home safely.
Pacific is an online business game course on audit leadership and team management in which users learn and apply strategies, techniques and tools to develop and improve their leadership and team management skills.


Serious Game for audit engagement and time management | personal productivity

Triskelion is suitable for all audit professionals, especially those who want to increase their efficiency and productivity, have a heavy workload and would like to organize their daily audit projects in an optimised way.

With Triskelion, employees in all areas have been trained by more than 1,000 companies across all sectors on five continents. Many of these companies are among the Fortune 500.


Create your own Serious Business Game

  • Fully customizable contents to achieve any corporate objective with a constructive and social approach based on participant interaction.
  • With gamification techniques such as storytelling, rankings, levels and badges, learning becomes a different and fun experience that stirs up student engagement.

Effective Learning – Serious Business Games | Successful personnel development in internal audit

  • Organize your workout effortlessly.

  • Surprise your employees with an innovative and entertaining format.

  • Fill your LMS with innovative internal audit learning opportunities.

  • Take the opportunity to carry out internal audit training worldwide on different devices. In 12 different languages.

  • Make your employees feel more interested in further education.

  • Change the image of your department.

Serious Business Games

  • Increases the performance and increases the motivation of the participant.
  • Promotes mastery of the skill through practical application.
  • Emotions for the brain. To learn something, the brain needs emotions.
  • Invest in efficiency & save money.

Why Game-based-Learning?

Helpful content:

Competencies with Direct Impact: Audit Leadership, HiANCA Negotiation, Time Management, Personal Productivity, and Corporate Customer Focus | Board Centric Driven Audit Processes.

Competences that are translated into a set of tools, strategies, and techniques that are immediately applicable.


Storytelling, awards and levels to promote employee engagement.

Rankings and challenges to increase the motivation of your internal audit staff.

Game-based Learning:

Presentation of real situations via sophisticated simulators.

Safe environment for the employee to practice and receive feedback for improvement.

Why are Serious Busines Games so good?
Why do you recommend them?
Useful content – Gamification – Game-based learning

Game-based Learning vs. E-Learning

  • Ensures learning through experience.

  • Is entertaining.

  • The contents are used directly in real life.

  • 94% of participants finish the course.

  • Is 10 times cheaper than the classroom training.

  • Does not offer learning by experience.

  • Is boring.

  • The contents are difficult to implement.

  • Only 25% of participants finish the course.

  • 3 of each 4 euros of the invested will be wasted.


Each skill becomes a toolkit of useful techniques, strategies, and tools for your employees.


We use gamification techniques, such as challenges, rankings or trophies to promote employee involvement in the training.


Sophisticated simulators are used to show real situations so that the participant can practice skills and receive feedback.

93 %


94 %


97 %



Average Rating

World leader in game-based learning for businesses

Thousands of satisfied participants.

Over 1,000 satisfied corporate customers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions | Guidance

For the best user experience, we recommend Google Chrome

Other recommended Internet browsers:

Direct support here:

When we register you for the game, we send you a start class email telling you what game has been assigned to you and the deadline for completing the course.

To access the platform, click the link that appears in the email or click here:

When you enter the platform, log in using your access details (email and password) and select the game you have been assigned.

Direct support here:

To recover your password, click the following link:

Enter the email you used to register for the training and click “send”.

You will receive an email from Click the link and the platform will open in a new tab.

Enter your new password in the two “new password” fields, click “send” and you’re ready.

After completing these steps, the system will take you to the students’ platform where you can access your course using your email and new password.

*You can’t reset your password using the link in the welcome email that you used to set your password for the first time*

Direct support here:

To access the training, open the welcome email from the sender, which
was sent to the account you used to register for the course. If you have several email accounts,
ask your training manager which one they used to register you.

Click the link at the bottom of the message to set your password.

Your username is your email address.

Next, open the second email you received from Gamelearn, where you were invited to play the
game (or games) assigned to you. Here you will find the link to our platform: https://students- Enter the platform using your email address and the password you
set. Don’t forget to save the link to our platform, as you can only access the training using this

This link can only be used once. If you need to reset your password, please check the FAQ: I’ve
forgotten my password. How can I recover it?

Direct support here:

Yes, the game automatically saves your work at regular intervals so that you can pick up where you left off.

Direct support here:

Check your corporate network:

  • Ask your IT team to mark the following addresses as safe:

Direct support here:

Pacific, Merchants, 2100 und ADA (HTML5-Games)

Minimum requirements:

  • 1 MB / s bandwidth.
  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • Browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Safari.

Recommended prerequisites for an optimal user experience:

  • 3MB / s bandwidth.
  • 4 GB RAM.
  • Browser: Google Chrome
  • Allow audio and video download and playback.

“You would think that such a solution would have an additional cost because it would bring value and benefits. However, we have seen a 58% reduction in training costs.”

„I can warmly recommend this course to other companies. It is a great investment in employee development..“

„It is an advantage to have methods that not only help our employees to broaden their knowledge, but also promote their motivation. This is fundamental.“

„We have achieved excellent results with this initiative. This has always been our goal in two areas as complex as productivity and employee involvement.“


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