Why are Serious Business Games so Good?

Why do you recommend them?

We are going to offer you several reasons why the Serious Bussines Games are an excellent opportunity to take into account into your company trainings.

Efficiency and results go hand in hand

We could summarize it in the following points:

  1. Learn how to increase your completion rate up to 90%
  2. Discover the key ingredients for improving user motivation and engagement
  3. Find out how to turn your users into professionals, not only readers or attendants
  4. Learn how to make your training experience better and more effective

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Why a Serious Business Games?

As it has become evident in several studies, among them we highlight the one carried out by the Technical University Federico Santa María Valparaíso (Chile). Learning through play, there are a series of variables that are repeated when we use this way of internalizing knowledge:

  1. Increases leadership
  2. Improves decision-making
  3. Optimizes time and task management
  4. Boosts conflict resolution
  5. Improves communication
And all this is provided by the Serious Business Games?

Indeed, mainly because they allow us to;

Useful content:

Skills with a direct impact: leadership, negotiation, time management, personal productivity and customer service.

Skills turned into a set of tools, strategies and techniques which are directly applicable.


Storytelling, badges and levels to generate ‘engagement’.

Rankings and challenges to increase motivation in the participant.

Game-based learning:

Sophisticated simulators representing real situations.

Safe environment for the employee to practice and receive feedback for improvement.

Invest in efficiency and save on costs

92% Finishing ratio with Serious Business Games

25% Finishing ratio with Traditional E-Leaning

from 6% to 11% Finishing ratio with MOOCs


There are many advantages for training on Serious Bussines Games.

Effortless training.

Trainings in several languages.

Amaze your employees with an innovative and fun format.

Get them to ask you for training again.

Give new life to your LMS or company’s training platform.

Change the feeling of your department.