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Why Game-based-Learning?

Helpful content:

Competencies with Direct Impact: Audit Leadership, HiANCA Negotiation, Time Management, Personal Productivity, and Corporate Customer Focus | Board Centric Driven Audit Processes.

Competences that are translated into a set of tools, strategies, and techniques that are immediately applicable.


Storytelling, awards and levels to promote employee engagement.

Rankings and challenges to increase the motivation of your internal audit staff.

Game-based Learning:

Presentation of real situations via sophisticated simulators.

Safe environment for the employee to practice and receive feedback for improvement.

Why are Serious Busines Games so good?
Why do you recommend them?
Useful content – Gamification – Game-based learning

Game-based Learning vs. E-Learning

  • Ensures learning through experience.

  • Is entertaining.

  • The contents are used directly in real life.

  • 94% of participants finish the course.

  • Is 10 times cheaper than the classroom training.

  • Does not offer learning by experience.

  • Is boring.

  • The contents are difficult to implement.

  • Only 25% of participants finish the course.

  • 3 of each 4 euros of the invested will be wasted.