Case Studies

Case Studies

CASE STUDY | Abu Dhabi Airports
– Serious Business Games – Successful Internal Audit Training

“We strive to exceed expectations and achieve the highest standards in everything we do. We are creative in our approach to business and realistic about the goals we set. Hence, it is our duty to provide team members with tools and methodologies that help them to further develop their knowledge and skills. This allows us having an impact in an innovative, fun and efficient way on their motivation to learn more effectively.”

Torben Hilbertz | SVP Internal Audit
“I liked the innovative and fun way of learning and transfering knowledge.”

Challenge: To connect innovation with training

Abu Dhabi Airport decides to commit to the Serious Business Games as the ideal learning tool to address the identified needs. To that purpose, it implements the Gamelearn ARC learning platform focused on the development of ‘audit soft skills:

Serious games are designed with a sole purpose: personal and professional development of the professional. The skills to be developed are turned into a set of techniques, strategies and tools with a high degree of applicability to the job. Serious Games are hosted on an online, multi-device platform, which facilitates training self-management: the participant decides when and  where to do the training. The Serious Business Games represent innovation and revolution in audit training.

Why Game-based Learning?