Preventive and reactive Auditing

Peter Elam was Global Head of Internal Audit at Novartis. He showed up with his speech about The Novartis Experience as Flexible Approach: Preventive and reactive Auditing.

Global IIA Chairman

Naohiro Mouri ist der Global IIA Chairman. Zugleich ist er auch der Executive Vice President and Chief Internal Auditor at AIG.

Black Swan Autor ECIIA Vortrag

Nassim Taleb ist bekannter Autor populärer Bücher wie Black Swan. Alle erwarten mit Spannung, auf welche Punkte er fokussiert in seinem Vortrag: THE LOGIC OF RISK BEARING.

Good Governance – Risk & Regulatory Audit

Nahezu 1.000 Revisoren aus Europa, Indonesien, Lateinamerika und riesige Delegation aus Süd Korea sind hier auf der ECIIA. Ernesto Martínez als Chairman of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Spain begrüßt das vor Ort Revisionspublikum, jedoch auch erstmalig die Online Gäste.

Kick-off in Madrid ECIIA

Nachdem der gestrige Tag bereits mit positiver Stimmung und guter Organisation gestartet hat, geht es nun heute effektiv los. Ab 8.15 Uhr geht es zur offiziellen Registrierung und dann schauen wir mal, was an den Ständen außer ARC Institute noch so los ist?

Everything you need to know about Serious Business Games

The so-called Serious Business Games have become very popular. Whether at renowned universities or major multinationals, Serious Business Games have become the perfect tool for teaching how to start up a business or manage product supply chains. While that’s all well and good, what are business games exactly? What are their benefits and most prominent examples?

Jetzt verfügbar – französische Fallstudien

Jetzt verfügbar – französische Fallstudien Serious Business Games | Now available – French case studies | Maintenant disponible – études de cas français

Download Flyer (spanisch/espagnol)

Jetzt auch spanischer Flyer Serious Business Games downloadbar.

Q & A Donald H Taylor: All you need to know about the new trends in training and development

Donald H Taylor is one of the most respected and experienced figures in the world of training and development. With more than 25 years of experience, he has devoted his career to helping employees acquire the skills they need, especially with the effective use of technology.

How to prepare the perfect launch for a Serious Business Game training in your company

The way you present and launch a game-based learning program to your staff will be vital for its success, especially if it is in a format that is new to the company. A good launch event (that explains why it is important to take the course and aligning it with the interests of your organization) will help you achieve the best possible results.